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Week of Jun 6th

  • - Health Talks on Food Safety
    Health Talks on Food Safety

    Health Talks on Food Safety

    June 7, 2022

    Title: Health Talks on Food Safety

    Organizers: The World Health Organization

    Description: This will cover...

    • Improving emergency response in global food safety
    • Safer food, better health, HQ World Food Safety Day Event
    • High-level plenary session: Food Safety Strategy
    • Empowering consumers to access safe food
    • Enabling safer food in traditional markets
    • Digitalization, food safety and trade: A regulator's perspective
    • Food safety and takeaway/delivery
    • Global Harmonized Food Safety Standards and improved labelling
    • Emerging issues in food safety
    • Food traceability
    • Food fraud and food defense

    Language: English

    When: June 7th, 2:00-3:00pm

    Registration: No registration required. Access here.

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