Narratives in Refuge

April 24, 2021

Title: Narratives in Refuge (Narratives en Refugi) session 3: Introduction to audiovisual language for the filmic analysis of the right to migrate

Organizers: Center of Resources for Youth Associations in Barcelona (CRAJ)

Description: Accompaniment in the introduction and use of short films ("Barcelona, refugi en curt") in the classrooms of primary, secondary, baccalaureate and professional trainings, but also in spaces of educational leisure, youth services and training of adults.

The webinar will provide guidance on how to pedagogically use the 17 short films selected to talk about forced migration and refuge from the point of view of children, adolescents, young people and families in refuge. The webinar will provide tools and strategies for activating a critical view of the world, dismantling stereotypes and fostering empathy. 

Language: CAT

Registration: Free/ Need to previous register


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