The Global Health Next Generation Network (GHNGN) is a novel multidisciplinary network founded in Barcelona in June 2014.
It aims to connect students and young professionals who share an interest in global health with professionals working in the global health field.

Our core values are innovation, transdisciplinarity, inclusiveness and empowerment.
We are a platform that helps strengthen the voice of students and young professionals in Global Health. We want to contribute to the improvement of current educational programs in global health.


We are a connected and empowered next generation of students and young professionals in Global Health


We want to engage and mobilize the community of emerging Global Health professionals from different cultures and backgrounds to exchange expertise, skills and opportunities.


Innovative approach


Shared voice

Respect of the needs of our members

Interprofessional and intergenerational collaboration

Equal opportunities for all our members


Give visibility to possible career paths in Global Health and interconnect professionals

Enhance skills sharing and strengthen our professional soft skills

Rise awareness on neglected Global Health topics and provide a space to debate topics and advocate

Check our Career Stories

Cale Lawlor | Public Health Senior Medical Officer
Blanca Paniello Career Stories
Blanca Paniello Career Stories
Alexander Hunt GHNGN
Career Stories_Kim Nordmann
GHNGN Mahima
Ori Solomon
Angalee Nadesalingam GHNGN
Taylor Sheridan
Sandra Career Stories
Elena Career Stories
Simone Career Stories
Jeff Career Stories
Sayeda Career Stories
Camila Career Stories
Kevin Career Stories
Semra Career Stories
Vera Career Stories
Jason Career Stories
Neus Career Stories
Cale Lawlor
Cale Lawlor
Public Health Senior Medical Officer
Rosauro Varo

Paediatrician and Research Fellow Researcher at ISGlobal

Blanca Paniello GHNGN
Blanca Paniello

Public Health Research Assistant

Alexander Hunt Career Story
Alexander Hunt

PHD Student at The University of Edinburgh

Career Stories GHNGN
Emily Hawkesworth

Programme Associate at Open Society Foundations

ghngn CS (2)
Zoha Anjum

Co-Founder & Co-President of Public Health Connect

Zikra Khan – Career Stories
Zikra Khan

Student at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Kim Nordmann_CS
Kim Nordmann

Student Assistant in the Working Group Digital Health

ghngn 1 (2)
Clara Pons

Epidemiologist and PhD student at ISGlobal

ghngn (2)
Cristina Enguita

Social Scientist

mahima ghngn (2)
Mahima Venkateswaran

PhD at the University of Bergen

careerstory (2)
Ori Solomon

Laboratory Technician at the University of Edinburgh

Angalee Nadesalingam
Angalee Nadesalingam

PhD Candidate at the University of Cambridge

Taylor Sheridan
Taylor Sheridan

Reproductive Rights Advocate & MSGH

Sandra del Pozo
Sandra del Pozo

Medical advisor in Immunology

Elena Marbán Castro
Elena Marbán Castro

PhD fellow, Maternal, Child, and Reproductive Health initiative at ISGlobal & GHNGN Chair

Simone Mohrs
Simone Mohrs

Policy Officer

Jeff Lazarus
Jeff Lazarus

Research Associate Professor at ISGlobal

Sayeda Nazmun Nahar
Sayeda Nazmun Nahar

Clinical Mentor at Save the Children International

Camila González-Beiras
Camila González-Beiras

Postdoc at Fight AIDS foundation & Former Chair GHNGN

Kevin Griffith
Kevin Griffith

Medical Epidemiologist

Semra Tibebu
Semra Tibebu

Analytical Epidemiologist

Vera Kabanda
Vera Kabanda

Maternal & Child Health Nurse Lead and WHO PHC young leader

Jason Doran
Jason Doran

Public Health Analyst & GHNGN News Writer

Neus Rosell
Neus Rosell

Master of Global Health & GHNGN Secretary General

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