Networking in GH has always been key. Since GHNGN started, we felt GH hangouts was a great activity to enrich young professionals networking. 

Plenty of hangouts have been held during the last years in different cities around the world. Now, due to the current circumstances, we came up having an online hangout. 

The aim is the same, spending a great time surrounded by peers, talking with them, playing different GH activities and networking.

What are we going to do?

A Global Health activity played on groups

•All participants will be allocated in a team in which they will remain during the whole session

•When it is time to play, the participants will be allocated in breakout rooms to start working and creating with their team.

The instructions of the activity will be given during the session

What do you need for this session? – ESSENTIALs

Computer  – To enjoy full experience 

Phone – QR scan ready 

Be on time! We don’t want to start without you. 

Register here!

During the session break-out rooms will be organized. You can share your social media handles with your counterparts to stay connected after the Hangout.
During the Hangout some activities will be held within groups. These can be shared after the meeting trhoughout out social media with your tag. Mark the social media platforms you would like to be tagged in and write your handles in the question above.