Training the trainers

Peer2Peer Workshop: ‘Training the trainers’ with Blanca Paniello
Date & Time: February 2, 6 PM CET 

Workshop lead: Blanca Paniello. BSc. Biomedical Sciences.

Description: Have you ever delivered a session or a lesson? Have you wondered what are the skills or knowledge you should have in order to transmit your message effectively? The final aim of this training is to empower people to design and deliver educational content in a compelling manner, no matter the topic! We will cover knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Join us and discover the “capacity building” world!

Prep: Come as you are! No preparation needed to take part.

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Peer2Peer are online sessions designed to raise awareness about Global Health issues and encourage students and early career professionals to build up their skills for positive change. Sessions are divided into two main streams: 

Webinars: Main focus is on a  Global Health topic from the diverse perspectives of experts and peers from academia and fieldwork. The format consists of brief presentations with multiple opportunities for interaction between the panelists and the audience. Presentations are followed-up with a panel discussion and/or Q&A section.

Workshops: Main focus is on acquiring and applying tools and skills for working in Global Health. The workshop lead(s) will often provide a brief introduction to the relevant skills or tools, together with some practical advice on how they can be implemented in real situations. Workshops include interactive exercises to put skills  into practice during the session.