29th November, 2022 - 5pm GMT

Noma is a gangrenous deformating disease which destroys the soft and hard facial tissues of children between 2-6 years living in extreme poverty and with a mortality rate as high as 90%

Afe Adetula

Dr Adetula is a Dentist with public health inclination.

and has some foundation trainings in global health from University of Washington.

These trainings afforded him sound understanding of Noma as a disease and issues around it. Further, they made it easier to manage this disease across the spectrum of the disease when encountered.

He has been using his personal experience with Noma patient to advocate for this disease. The work had metamorphosed to Zeronoma Initiative, a registered Non Governmental Organisation approaching Noma from a preventive perspective through awareness, outreaches, Humanitarianism activities, research and collaboration with relevant organisations in achieving same goal.

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