GHNGN Peer2Peer
5th November 2020
Public Speaking workshop for students and early career professionals in Global Health

Workshop lead:
Kim Nordmann, Master of Global Health, BSc. Industrial Engineering, current medical student.

GHNGN Webinars
16th June 2020
Why do we need a gender-lens for Covid-19?

Thaïs Gonzalez Capella, MSc
Belén Saavedra Cervera, MSc
Sheila Fernández-Luís, MD

GHNGN Hangout
Global Health Hangout Barcelona Summer Edition
GHNGN with homenauts
13th May 2020
Mental health photo-movement

Thousands of people around the world are staying at home in a collaborative effort to flatten the curve of Covid-19. We are homenauts, explorers from home in a quest to find ways to stay healthy at home and support each other. In face of new challenges surging from changes in our routines and uncertainty about the future, we believe there is a lot of value in drawing inspiration from each other.

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