Health Footprint

Climate Footprints of Healthcare

Climate change is a global health threat—contributing to heat waves, storms, floods, droughts and fires, altered infectious disease patterns, food shortages, and air pollution.  It adds an increased burden on  healthcare systems across the world. But less is known about the reverse: the environmental footprints of the healthcare sector have Read more…

Biological Manifestations of Social Maladies: Lupus in the United States

What determines health and causes disease? From ancient times to the 21st century, the determinants of health have morphed and shifted along with our understanding of disease etiology – from Hippocratic principles and miasmatic forces, to germ theory and hereditary factors such as genetics and epigenetics. However, in modern medicine and public health, we have come full circle to incorporate ancient and modern paradigms.

COVID-19: What about my asthma?

Health authorities include those with asthma among the list of groups most vulnerable to developing severe illness.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), asthma is a chronic inflammatory condition characterized by recurrent attacks of dyspnea and wheezing, which may vary in severity and frequency from person to person. The Read more…